Bold, bright colors bubbling with joyful tangles of flowers are the theme when it comes to cottage style gardens and landscapes. Cheerful, informal design, packed with a casual abundance of plants, makes a cottage style landscape always feels like home. Plus, creating a cottage-style garden requires very little labor a big bonus for busy homeowners.

The exuberance of a full fledged cottage garden enchants and enhances a home’s curb appeal. Curving pathways lead to abundant flowerbeds. A relaxed atmosphere prevails. Often, a picket fence functions less as a corral and more as a beautiful prop drawing attention to a charming home surrounded by lively, easy to grow plants.

Mother Nature rarely creates spaces quite this gorgeous, but with very little work a cottage style landscape will appear perfectly natural. The overall effect is one of simplicity, easy elegance, and riotous bounty. Although a cottage-style garden may appear to be slightly out of control, it does indeed follow a few simple rules. Use these stress-free landscape design ideas to create a look that will make any home seem like a sweet cottage.

Patsy Walker